Mark J Davies


Client :                     Transport For London (TFL)
Client Database :     Exor Atlas (V4.0)
WSP Database :       Confirm Engineering
Contract Duration :  2002 - 2007

I started working for WSP in 2005.

In the role of Database Administrator in the North East (Brimsdown) and North West (Park Royal) TFL areas to include the day to day maintenance, and problem solving of end users, and the standardisation of both areas with regards to database custom report writing.

I had been recommended by the WSP UK  IT Director to both WSP contract directors as the person to employ, as a go between between the WSP IT Support Desk, and the current contract employee's. WSP IT felt that a large number of supposed IT support problems were not due to physical Hardware or Software but the user miss-diagnosis of IT problems. The WSP IT Director wanted to employ me to triage IT support problems with staff at both locations.

This has involved continuous improvement and implementation of various aspects of the system. The database administration role has involved obtaining an understanding of the Confirm application as well as WSP business processes, implementation of various aspects of the Confirm system, system training and day to day management of the system.

To instigate the
AIMS (Asset Information Management System) data collection system throughout the TFL NE & NW areas and implement the use of Data Capture Devices and GPS equipment in accordance with TFL’s contract.

Responsible for assisting in the production of the monthly KPI management reports and for ensuring that the works order process is accurate and complete.

Client :                      Highways Agency MAC 12
Client Database :     Confirm TNG
WSP Database :       Confirm TNG
Contract Duration :  2007

On Leaving both TFL contracts in the London area Mark was seconded to the Highways Agency MAC12 contract in North Yorkshire,  where he gap tested a number of the Carillion WSP systems and helped with the day to day maintenance of the Confirm TNG system they had installed.

Whilst he was with CarillionWSP he successfully loaded the Street Lighting asset data set into the confirm database ready for
EPS (Electric Procurement Stratergy)reporting.

Client :                      Transport For London (North)
Client Database :     Exor Atlas
WSP Database :      
Contract Duration :  2008 - 2009

Mark re-joined WSP as Database Manager for the consultancy services contract to TFL at Merit House.

He provided valuable input into extracting information from the Exor Atlas system for the TFL employee’s based at the Contractors head office.
On leaving the contract he spent 8-10 days training his successor, culminating in tests to prove that his successor could handle the role for TFL.

Client :                      Highways Agency
Client Database :     Exor Atlas
WSP Database :      
Contract Duration :  2009 - 2011

On Leaving the TFL contract he was seconded to the CarillionWSP contract, where he was given the responsibility of Managing the Exor Atlas Maintenance Management system. One of his roles has been to get all other IT systems communicating with the Exor system.

Mark has successfully rolled out the use of the Exor Mapcapture data collection system, and has thoroughly gap tested the system prior to roll out to inspectors. The JV had to request 6 versions of MapCapture before a suitable version was found to match a Highways Agency specification.

On rollout of the MapCapture product he carried out offsite / onsite training until staff were capable of collecting Safety Inspection & Long Stop Condition Survey (Detailed Inspections) data on their own.

Client :                      Northamptonshire County Council
Client Database :     Exor Atlas
WSP Database :      
Contract Duration :  2009 - 2011

At May Gurney WSP he successfully loaded the 2007 & 2008 SCRIM data into an ancient EXOR system that Northamptonshire County Council held at the time.
He was successful in persuading them to upgrade their in-house database to the Exor Atlas Managed Service system provided by the Exor Corporation.

In mid 2009 he gap tested (User Acceptance Tested) the Exor Atlas Managed Service Database for Northamptonshire County and gave the Network Manager product a relatively clean bill of health for the County.

In June 2011 Mark became involved in the May Gurney, East Sussex County Council Transformation Project, and is the team leader of the Inventory Asset Management group, and also the Exor Development group.

In March and April 2012 mark participated in the prototyping sessions of the Highways Agency’s Integrated Asset Management System, and is currently still involved in User Acceptance Testing on behalf of the Highways Agency.

In late 2012 and 2013 Mark has successfully gained works from Northamptonshire County Council to obtain Bus Stop data on behalf of the county, and also load the Environment Agency’s flood defence asset data into the county’s EXOR system so as to provide a fully integrated asset management system for MGWSP.

Since 2012 we have also obtained requests to integrate the Northamptonshire Development Control system into the EXOR database system.

Client :                      Northamptonshire County Council
Client Database :     Exor Atlas & Alloy V1 & V2
Contract Duration :  2011 - Current Date

In 2011 Mark was put on permanent secondment from WSP Group to KierWSP on the Northamptonshire Highways contract to manage the Asset Management database in EXOR. The county had been using the database for 20+ years and all the staff involved in the implementation had now left the county, and only left the IT support to maintain the system.

One of the first tasks has been to design a data metamodel as the client didn’t know what they wanted from an asset management system, as well as to prioritize data collection of the entire asset group.

Mark has overseen the data collection of around a three dozen asset types using the Korec K-Mobile software and has implemented this in windows based tablets within the county. Mark has also managed the loading of the collected data which is around 500,000 assets into the counties EXOR system, all assets having at least 1 photograph per asset.

The replacement of EXOR has been of a high priority over the last few years due to financial constraints at the County Council, and also to provide a better service to the customer and client.

The need to move forward with technology has also played a vital role, and use cloud based systems to give quicker and more effective results through mobile computing methods.

In 2017 he managed the transfer of the EXOR NRSWA database to Yotta’s Mayrise system, and implemented the use of Android tablets to the inspection staff.

In 2018 Mark has managed the installation of Alloy 1  to replace the historic EXOR system. Since 2018 mark has also managed the implementation of Alloy Version 2 of the Inspection, Defect Management and Asset Management data. Mark has also issued and maintained over 80 + android tablets , and shown staff how to use them.

Northamptonshire County has been guinea pig for the rollout of Alloy across some of the county councils across the country, and Mark has helped and given advice to other counties in the same situation as Northamptonshire were in some years ago.





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